5 apps to use Android securely

Android apps unite people of all denominations through technologies. It doesn’t matter where you live and in what God you believe, the developers of apps do their utmost to satisfy everyone.

If the PrayerCenter Component servers to help the faithful to share their prayer concerns, Android security application will help you to do it safely.

This article was created to simplify the process of Android security tools search. You won’t need to study the reviews or test them on your own. You only have to read it and draw a conclusion.

  1. 360 Security


Are you looking for perfect safety, protection against viruses and speed-up for your Android gadget? 360 security copes with these tasks perfectly.

360 is the best apps accelerator, which provides mobile security by means of Antivirus Engine №1 in the world. 360 Security is one of the most trustworthy complex with the function of optimization and security. The system will delete the junk files on your Android to quicken the running of a device. 360 Security retains the charge of an Android device rationally.

Why not to become among them with 360 Security?

  1. Avast antivirus


It’s a great tool for you, Android owner, as it scans the system and offers reliable protection against viruses.

With Avast Security you will have notice of spyware or adware installation, which compromises your confidentiality. Protect your Android device against phishing attacks with the aid of e-mail letters, phone calls, infected websites and SMS.

  1. Security Master


This is a product of CM Security.  Four functions in one simple to use application are available now. Just install it and be safe.

Be secure as if you are in a prayer center with Security Master. Security Master offers a ‘smart diagnostics’ of a portable device.

  1. Lookout Antivirus


It’s an excellent Android security program. This free antivirus will render obedience, as it offers the protection against malicious and spy software. What’s more, you’ll know about the location of your Android easily in case you’ve lost it thanks to built-in tools.

Install Lookout app on your Android and be sure where you’ve left your gadget. The antivirus informs its user about other apps, which have access to personal data.

Do you want to use Wi-Fi safely? No problems, if you use Lookout. This program lets know beforehand about unsafe Wi-Fi networks.

The function of a ‘Signal beacon’ will help you to find the gadget. Just use your laptop to enter the system and locate your Android (in case you are an absent-minded person).

  1. Kids Place


Your kids spend too much time on the Internet and gaming is main activity? Kids Play app is for your family. This program blocks access to concrete services and your kid won’t twist you round his little finger.

The application functions according to the schedule a user determines. Thus, parents decide how much time a day or a week their offsprings can surf the net and play games. Besides, the application allows blocking concrete sites on permanent basis.

Still, we recommend you to combine the abovementioned security apps with a VPN service which is compatible with Android. Learn what service is the best VPN for Android on our website.